the faq.

Yes, I know how that reads.


Briefly, how would you describe yourself?

I make up for my lack of a personality by having common sense, a high standard of excellence, and attention to detail. I try to make the lives of people around me easier, but I'm not a people-pleaser. I work best in high-stress environments and thrive on wearing multiple hats. Tight deadlines turn me on. I am not a dreamer; I am a realist and a goal digger.


Realistically, my biggest weakness is my small bladder and my anxiety. I'm not a people-person and hate being in front of an audience – unless I really need to. 


How qualified are you? 

I graduated from Murdoch University in 2017 with a Bachelor of Communications in Communications and Media Studies, and Public Relations (Double Major). Since then, I've been honing my skills at CVP Group and have risen through the ranks to become an executive producer. 


My skill set includes: pre-production planning (finding jobs, sourcing quotes, liaising with clients, talents and crew, managing project budgets, I could go on some more if you'd like), and post-production (managing client expectations, ensuring that all projects meet their deadlines, sometimes the occasional editing and colouring). 

I create kickass slide decks and research for proposals, online webinars and paid courses as well. These mostly touch on topics like digital marketing, content marketing and podcasting.

If it helps, I speak and write English, Mandarin and ein bisshen German. I'm also learning Thai.

What motivates you every morning?

If we're being totally honest, it's pride. I take ownership of all projects assigned to me, these works, in turn, become representative of who I am as a person. Being seen as incompetent or irresponsible are things I'd never want anybody to say about me. 


Why should I hire you?

I'd like to tell my interviewers that I'd make the biggest bang for their buck. You should hire me if you want


a) somebody who leads

b) crazy, out-of-the-box ideas

c) solutions, not problems

d) a team player (no ball games please)

e) somebody who tells it like it is

f) willingness to learn (I'm all for self-enrichment)

h) order and organization in your life 

i) conscientious and meticulosity – do it once, do it great. 


and many more.  


To schedule a meeting, reach me here


work with me.

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