Mel Teo is a Singapore-based video and content producer who works with CVP Group in creating content and videos. She graduated from Murdoch University with a double degree in Communications and Media Studies, and Public Relations in 2017. 

Mel's work is regularly described as poignant, honest, hilarious and heartwarming. Mel lives an unbelievably dramatic life. Most of her commercial work is inspired from, or a re-enactment of a real-life situation she's had to live through. When it comes to producing content, she believes in creating thought-provoking, eye-catching, and head-turning visuals. Who cares? Be bold. If you're not intending to make a statement, then why speak? 

She's passionate about reality. There's a lot that people don't know about, that they should know about. When you're looking at something through rose-tinted lenses, all the red flags just look like flags.

In her spare time, she reads and thinks of new ways to make more money.


You can view all her works here.

You can read an FAQ about her here.

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